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Hello everyone! The full game is now available on Steam:


just played the demo and it does have me wanting to buy the full game! the animation is smooth and the story is good plus the graphics is nice. Well done

Thank you for playing! Full game coming soon :)

Awesome! We're so glad you liked it. Thank you!

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I really enjoyed the game with the abilities you gain and how you use them with puzzles the story is also intresting the only bad thing is maybe audio when talking to people like at the ramen stands but thats only a little thing

Looking foward to the full game

Thanks you for your comments and feedback! We are glad you enjoyed the game

Thank you very much!


There is one problem though, about the save system it doesn't work well, but still A REALLY GOOD GAME!


Thank you! We are very glad you liked the game! For the full release the save system will be fixed and ready to go :)

Thank you very much :D ! <3