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Patobox is an adventure/fighting game for Windows, Mac and PSVita inspired by the "Punch-Out!!" series, taking place in the building of a corrupt corporation named Deathflock.

You play as Patobox, a boxing champion with a special distinction of having a duck's head on a man's body. He has been betrayed by members of Deathflock, the same company that has been sponsoring him during his career. Patobox will find retribution by hunting down Deathflock's henchmen while discovering the dark secrets the company hides and the truth behind his treason one fight at a time.

The world of Pato Box is full of mysteries and strange characters that will make you wonder if everything is just a dream. Learn more about the world just as if you were reading a graphic novel! Pato Box is made for people that loves mystery and want to play and experience something different.

The game is currently in development and you can now play the beta! 


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Hi! Pato Box just got a full release! Check it out here: https://bromiodev.itch.io/pato-box


Can't get past the chef. what are you supposed to do when he throws the soup in stage 2. Tried blocking it doesn't seem to work.

Hi! Yeah its a tricky fight since its supposed to be the third boss of the game.  The trick to the fight is to dodge to the sides when he throws soup. If you see him moving to the left move to the same direction. And to beat him you have to grab the bad food like the rats and throw it at his face and the good food you have to put it on the pot.

Really enjoyed this game, while editing i realized how much i missed... but very different and fun!

Thank you for playing the demo. Stay tuned for the full game!

i cant wait!

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Oh! We're going to pay more attention to those problems!


This game is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to play more of it!

Thanks for your Let's Play! We hope you had fun!

Had so much fun!

hi BF! im one of your biggest fan.. could i make a request 4 u? could u play the game '' the nightmares'' for me. PLEASE!!! I LUV U

Link me in a message or a comment on one of my videos over on YouTube. I can't find the game you're talking about.

the game whos the VERA is talking is 'Little Nightmares' BF

Tried your game out and it´s awesome, even tho it´s a bit hard to know exactly WHEN to hit the guys, i still love the setting of it and would like to see more...

And i promise I WILL TAKE REVENGE ON THAT CHEF!! HE SHALL DIE BY MY HAND!! (his RNG is ridiculous tho..)

Keep being awesome!

Thank you! And stay tuned for the full game, it will have more awesome bosses!

Will do, keep being unique your game is really cool and the style is 10/10 will do a full playthrough of the game when its launched :)

Love the premise, love the music, love the visual aesthetic. I was surprised how smooth the 3D exploration sections were. I can't beat that damn chef though! He seems to have a million health and the only way I can avoid his attacks is to roughly dodge every 4-5 punches.

We're glad you like it! Keep on trying, you should check out the chef's lobster ;)

I featured this game in my series - free game friday - and was suprised at how much fun this was!

Thanks! We really appreciate it! Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PatoBoxGame and twitter: https://twitter.com/patoboxgame We'll be sharing your video ;)


Thank you! We're glad you had fun with the demo! Stay tuned for the complete game!


Thank you so much Slayer! Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more news about the price of the full game :)

Only on face book on twitter ?

Such an unique experience, loved this game 10/10 would Punch-Out!! again!

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Thanks RVZ! We're happy that you enjoyed the game! Great video!


Really unique style and gameplay.

But the chef fight killed it for me. Even that had some good ideas, but the randomness, lack of control and sheer number of factors working against you just made it a hugely frustrating button mashing experience.

Thanks you electricshrock! We're working hard on the full game and we will consider your comment to improve it :)

Not the best game in my opinion. There's a heavy lag between pressing the buttons and actually taking action. Also, something that could make the game 10 times better would be a health bar. Another thing would be to add color so you could focus and your eyes wouldn't have a hard time distinguishing shapes. The controls are a little slippery, but whatever. There's a lot to fix, but of course, this is just a demo.

Thanks Ellactric29! We are working hard to improve the full game! Stay tuned!

I will! Thank you for taking my feedback into account.

This was so darn good! I love the style, the silliness and the action. Really looking forward to seeing more!


Hey Mikey!!! We really appreciate you liked the game so much! We are launching it on October of this year, if you want to get updates on the development follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebok!




etcha pora

just uploaded a video on this really enjoyed it, good visuals.

Thank you very much Coh-bear we really appreciate it!

Love that you have your own Story to this new take on such a great game!

Thanks Raithias! Hope you liked it!

Awesome game. I love Punch-Out and I think you did an excellent job at mixing it with an adventure game.

Thank you Thuggybear! :D

Nice game! I like the art style and the noir/crime atmosphere, with a cool touch of humor. The gameplay is unforgiving! But I enjoyed my time playing.

I made a video:

if you want to check, I left you some suggestions in the end but other than that the game's great, best of luck for the full release :D

Thanks for the comments Clown Nebula we are glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for making a video too, we love seeing people play the game :)

Thank you for making the game! And f*ck the cook :D